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The Alex House office will be closed Friday April 18 2014 for Good Friday and Monday April 21 for Easter Monday.

The Alex House office will be closed Friday April 18 2014 for Good Friday and Monday April 21 for Easter Monday.

In this issue ...... spring break play away day camps, Lit Cafe, seniors out-trips, parenting programs, children's programs and lots more!

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Our School's Out program kids have some great ideas! With driftwood, cardboard, a coffee cup and small pieces of wood, Ava created a gift for her dad.

Crescent Housing Society, Crescent Park Elementary School, Can You Dig It and Alexandra Neighbourhood House are considering the creation of a community garden on a vacant parcel of land at 128th and 25th in Ocean Park. The land is owned by the Crescent Housing Society as part of their Kiwanis Park Place residential facility.

Alexandra Neighbourhood House invirtes you to join English Corner - a conversational group for newcomer Canadians. 

Under the direction of an experienced volunteer, Diana Wilkes, participants learn about one another and about Canadian culture and society through informal discussion of family, hobbies, customs, recreation, food, and much more!

March 28, 2018 12:30 pm



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