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Summer bounty is abundant!

Community gardens provide a source of local, fresh, organic produce, along with the physical and emotional benefits of getting outside and working the earth. But they are also places where community happens. Work parties are a great way to get things done.

This year, in cooperation with Dunsmuir Community Garden and Ocean Park Community Orchard, ACG and CPCG will be creating avenues of dialogue and cooperation between the 200+ community gardeners active in the Crescent Beach and Ocean Park neighbourhoods. This will include social and educational events, as well as opportunities for advocacy and activism around food security and greenspace protection.

The power of community! Volunteers recently tackled a construction project building a cob shed.

Crescent Park Community Garden

 After years of planning, Crescent Park Community Garden was built by dedicated volunteers who hauled crushed gravel, laid down mulch, and built garden boxes and compost bins to create a gem of a community garden in the heart of Ocean Park.

The garden is operated by Alexandra Neighbourhood House and sits on a one-acre site located at Kiwanis Park Place on 128th St and 25th Ave, just behind Crescent Park Elementary.  

Of the 56 garden plots, 46 are 10’ x 5’ raised beds, 10 are 4’ x 8’ wheelchair-accessible beds and two are designated for Crescent Park Elementary students to learn alongside the most experienced gardeners. A percentage of the plots are also reserved for Kiwanis Park Place residents.

The garden has fostered a real sense of community. Experienced gardeners share their knowledge with newcomers, and people exchange seeds, plants, and extra produce. Members also get together for “work parties” to maintain the common areas of the property.  Community connection also happens through the group’s Facebook page and the bulletin board posted at the site where members share garden tips, sale prices on seeds & plants at local garden vendors, and more.  The garden has also been accepted as an official Master Gardener project for Senga Fullam, who has brought her considerable gardening knowledge to the community.

For more information, contact Neil Fernyhough, Manager, Community Programs at 604-535-0015 (ext 236) or


Alexandra Community Garden


In its seventh season, Alexandra Community Garden consists of thirty plots, leased on an annual basis to members of the community. It is located in a small park, privately owned by Alex House, across the street from the facility in Crescent Beach. In addition to the individual plots, gardeners tend a food bank plot located on the grounds of Alex House as well as a number of communal flower boxes and barrels.


The attractive onsite gazebo is enjoyed by both gardeners and the general public. Garden maintenance is supported by the annual plot fees, a plant sale at the Alexandra festival on the last Saturday in May, and support from Alex House. Gardeners choose a governance committee annually who work with Alex House staff to ensure that the garden runs smoothly and is maintained. Gardeners enjoy a number of informal social activities together, including regular work parties to maintain and beautify the site. ACG also enjoys the mentorship of two local volunteer Master Gardeners, Patti Chabot and Kathy Starke. For more information, contact Neil Fernyhough, Manager, Community Programs at 604-535- 0015 (ext 236) or

 For more information on our community garden please email

Volunteer Master Gardeners and mentors, Patti Chabot and Kathy Starke.

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